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Over the weekend, Chase and I spent a day, sans bebe, in London! It was so nice to have some time away--though, of course, the conversation turned to Felix more than a few times. Despite the atypical sunshine, we spent most of our time indoors; London has some of the best museums! My two favorites are The National Gallery and The British Museum. Its so nice to visit a gallery that you havent seen in years, only to find your favorite paintings right where you left them! Whenever I go to a museum, I make a point to visit the gift shop. For me, art postcards are the best kind of stationary: Theyre a decidedly un-tacky way to tell someone you wish-they-were-here, if you choose prints of the paintings you saw during your visit, but because they dont have the name of a particular place printed all across them, you can send them as simple thank-yous or hellos whenever you wish. Plus, at less than a pound each, theyre a great deal! Here are a few of my favorites from Saturday:

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