I dont know if you know this about me but I have freakishly small ears. Srsly. So small that most earrings that would look small on a normal ear look huge on me. Unfortunately, and because my ears are so very small, the earring look I tend to go for (or would, if I could...) is so so teeny tiny and delicate. So, I dont know why this never occurred to me until now... but, they make earrings for children! Duh! Little tiny babies, even, if youre in to that sort of thing (which I dont really think I am). But, yes. Childrens earrings are exactly the tiny size I need to fit my tiny freak earlobes. For example, check out these cuties from LoveIvy:

 Look how small! So so charming! Plus, bonus: kids sizes are almost always cheaper than adult (though not in this case, unfortunately). I really dont know why I never thought of this before...

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