Felix in Frinton

For his eleven-month birthday last weekend, we took Felix to the seaside for the very first time! It was sunny and warm (unlike this week) and so jolly! There were these huge kites strung up on the shaped like lizards and fried eggs and cats... Felix was mesmerized! 

We were fortunate to be able to use a beach hut belonging to a friend of my mothers fiance. It sat on stilts, opening out onto the walkway along the shore, and looking out over the sea in the other direction

Felix had a lot of fun looking out the window and seeing the sea, though actually, he was more interested in all of the balls the children and dogs were playing with on the sand.

I dont think he realized we could actually go down to the sea itself until we took him there. The weather was warm but the North Sea, as always, was freezing!

We stuck his toes in, and he didnt mind the cold too much really...

But in the end he prefered staying on the sand and sucking on salty rocks. 

What a weirdo. 
But we had a great time, and we cant wait to go back! Only we just need the weather to clear up a bit.

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