tray? eewwhatareyahdoinghere?

As Ive previously explained, right now, the boyf husb and I arent really in a pozish (thats short for position) to be buying housewares--flatware, furniture, feather bedding, you know. The homey stuff that I want so desperately. Right now, we live with my mother and her fiance, Barnaby, and he has masses of the kind of homewares Im talking about, inherited from his mother (who is still living, incidentally, in london): teacups, watercolor paintings, clocks, candlesticks--but most of all, serving trays. Obviously, Im forever making note of the kind of thing that I certainly will need once we do have a home of our own, and, thanks to Barnaby, serving trays are topping that list at the moment. Theyre so unbelievably useful! Here, we use them to serve morning coffee, afternoon tea, evening cocktails, after dinner drinks... so, beverages, essentially. But you could use them for so much more! Like serving sandwiches and snacks (as we did yesterday for our Jubilee High Tea); displaying toiletries and toothbrushes in the bathroom; collecting keys and mail and what-have-you in the foyer... and obviously, for parties... the list, really, goes on and on. Because of the baby, Im particularly interested in those cast in Melamine, for their durability. Plus, you can clean them without fear of them shattering to pieces. Right now and always, Im attracted to things that are either floral, like these from Liberty, or nautical, like these by Thomas Paul

(strawberry theif large canteen tray, blue franjipani nuku tray, light blue enamel eva tray, by Liberty; Scrimshaw seahorse  and whale trays, by Thomas Paul)

PS: these days, I cant hear the word tray without thinking of this most hilarious sketch from SNL last season (sorry for the shitty vid quality, its the only one that will play on both sides of the pond:

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