Welp, I keep trying to get a pic of Felix in his special Union Jack jubilee hat, but its clear that it just isnt going to happen... Ah well.  But if I could wear anything in the world for the Diamond Jubilee this weekend (so exciting!), it would probably be one of these looks from Oscar de la Renta resort 2013:

So patriotic! So picnic-appropriate! Id paint my nails red with the blue outfit, or Id wear blue shoes with the red one, to really complete the whole thing. Or something. Wouldnt they be perfect?! Fortunately (sort of...) it will be rainy and horrible this weekend, so I wouldnt really want to wear either of these anyway--but that doesnt mean we wont be celebrating! We bought an unreasonable quantity of gin at tescos yesterday, and Im planing on making trifle, and cupcakes, and there will be Pimms, and strawberries and cream, and just everything. I cant even wait!

God save the queen!

(ps, I wonder what Kate Middleton will be wearing?! omg)

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