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ok guys, this is seriously for real the last thing Ill say about the queen... its just that Ive been supes hung-oves all day after our three-day stay-at-home-and-drink-gin jubliee celebration and Im having a hard time re-setting my brain about it. You understand, Im sure... Anyway, I was going to do some boring post about what Kate Middleton wore for the Jubilee but this is cuter and more up my alley, to the point that I cant believe I didnt see it before now. 

Its a color guide to the sartorial life of the Queen! Developed by Pantone and Leo Burnett, its 'a celebration of [her] reign through color and its meaning.' Each little card features the pantone code associated with one of the queens many matching outfits, as well as a citation of when and where she wore it: 

So adorable. I like looking at the whole thing fanned out; you can really see the springy palette she favors (as if it wasnt obvious already). I could go on and on about this but, as I said, my brain is still a little foggy and Im not so good at the talking right now. But I will say that I admire, and adhere to what seems to be her main style rule, that a monochromatic outfit is always the chicest and most flattering. Moreover, 'choosing one color theme ensures that the outfit does not detract from the wearer--which is particularly important if youre the queen.' 

But how on earth do you buy it?!

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