Happy Birthday Felix!

I cant believe my sweet baby boy is one year old today!
Its been a wonderful year and I cant even explain how sweet and funny and serious and adorable he is and I love him so much and want to squeeze him all the time! 
We love you Felix! You da best!

There arent any pictures of his birthday celebrations yet (we went to the zoo and he loved it!),  but looking at Felixs passport photo last week made me nostalgic for when his hair was so so long and shaggy. So, in honor of his birthday, I decided to put together a little retrospective of all the many hairstyles hes had during his first year alive. 
Heres Felix when he was just one week old! I cant tell you how many times, in just one week, we heard the phrase, look at all that hair!! And obviously, we were going to hear it plenty more.
At one month old it was already long enough to style. Here he is right after a bath. So serious. 

 By two months, his hair had grown down over his collar. 

And it just kept growing and growing! Here he is at three months. This is around the time people started calling him rockstar baby, much to chases chagrin.

But by four months, some days it looked so casual and swoopy and perfect;
but more often than not, he was looking pretty sloppy. 

So I cut it! It was one of the hardest things Ive ever done--physically and emotionally. But, we had to! Poor babyboy couldnt see, it was always in his eyes. Take it from me when I say cutting the hair of a four-month-old baby is not so easy...

Which is why, for a time, he was rocking this sweet punk rock under-cut, which accidentally looked a lot like his daddys hair, for a while. 

But I got better! By the time he had his third hair cut, at about six months, Id mastered the technique. But it always grew out too quickly!

The other problem, with having a baby with a lot of hair is that eventually you have to wash it. And they hate that. Or, Felix did anyway. Arent babies in bathtubs the sweetest?

I think eight months old was his best hair phase (post-cut category, obviously). 

Immediately after that he went into bowl-cut territory, which I tolerated for a while, whilst I contemplated letting him grow it out again maybe...

But then I caved, and cut it very short, just before our travels began. His daddy did, too! What a couple of cuties!

Heres Felix after his seventh hair cut, at about ten months. From mowgli to Paul McCartney Rod Stewart and David Cassidy, to school boy to punk baby, to bowl cut, hes had it all. But For his second year alive, weve decided to let him grow it out again! Because hes worth it. 
Pix to come. 

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