erdem: resort 2013

While I cant say that this really screams resort (it all looks so proper!), I do love all of the florals and navy blues in this collection. Erdems prints are always so vibrant and dramatic and Im cant really think of anyone who does a floral better. Which is good, because florals are everywhere in this collection! Even on the shoes, did you notice? Erdem always looks so timeless--I cant imagine ever looking back with regret at having worn one of these dresses. Given how proper everything looks, its funny for me to think that Moralioglu has cited Scooby-Do as an influence in this collection, in regard to the embellishment, and has also described it as Amish Couture--though I think thats more in reference to the heavy patchworking on the outerwear, which I cant say I was the biggest fan of, sadly. But look how beautiful the dresses are! And, how much would you love one of those swimsuits?! 

Also, pretty much perfect for a garden party, am I rite?! Which is about as restort as my summer is going to get, I have a feeling...

 images from style.com

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