the circle of footwear

I dont know if youve ever watched day-time television in England, but, the thing about it is, you can pretty much watch Friends around the clock... that, and little else. If you want to. Thats not to say that we do, or anything... Im unemployed, remember? Anyway, due in part to its influence, Ive had the 90s on my mind of late. This, invariably, makes me nostalgic for a certain mail-order catalogue I received throughout said decade. You know the one I mean. 

If you grew up in America in the nineties, I dont have to tell you what a big deal the Delias catalogue was to tween girls. It was like, totally the thing for casual nineties girl fash, and when I was in middle school/junior high, it featured a particular breed of shoe. They were  super chunky and, especially in the winter time, border-line orthopedic: heavy, black, buckled, and despite their trendiness, altogether unflattering, in my opinion. Their summer counterparts--open toed and, ideally, candy colored--were always more aesthetically palatable. Which, obviously, isnt saying much:

This image isnt actually the best example but its all I could find... just think huge platforms and youve got it. I suppose, at the time, these shoes were a re-tooling of disco fashion footwear; however, Ive been seeing a lot of platforms/wedges for summer lately, and they remind me of the nineties way more than the seventies. But maybe its all to do with my perspective.

I find these recent incarnations infinitely more appealing than their nineties counterparts, but in general, I worry about the wearability of these styles. Sure, theyre probably more comfortable than your average stiletto (which I cant say I ever wear--unemployed, remember?) but aside from that, dont they look terribly heavy? Unfortunately, now, as then, I cant afford to try them out, so I guess itll always be a mystery. But maybe its probably better that way? 

catalogue images via refinery29

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