playful ampersand

Moshik Nadav is an accomplished typographer (typographist?) about whom Ive already blogged, regarding his Paris font (which I quite liked, if youll remember). Another of his projects, Playful Ampersand, is similarly pleasing to my eyeballs, especially because of its subject, the ampersand. What a beautiful symbol logogram, no? Especially these seven new iterations--although, it is a bit misleading for Moshik to say that he redesigned the traditional ampersand, since its seen several variations since its birth in Roman cursive over two thousand years ago. Heres a handy diagram of its progression, if you want to see it:

Pretty cool, right? I love stuff like this... But enough with the nerd-talking; these newest designs are very beautiful to me! I can just see prints of them all, hanging on the wall of my imaginary future study that I will have in the future. Wouldnt that be the perfect thing?


They come in all different colors and crazy kaleidoscopic patterns, too... but Im a purist I guess when it comes to the artwork in my imaginary future home. Which one is your favorite? 

diagram via wiki

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