we love chickens!

So far, one of the things we miss the most about living in England is going to see the chickens every day! It was felixs pre-nap ritual to walk around to the back of the school to visit the hen houses--a five minute walk that usually took him over half an hour. Theres just something about a chicken, you know? And I dont know if its the wave of cold-weather-induced domestic nest-iness thats come over me of late... and maybe this is super tacky and I just dont realize it... but I find myself really loving chicken-themed gear lately, particularly for the kitchen. Like anything from the Sophie Allport Chicken collectionthis tea pot and these aprons, for example:

Can you imagine felix and me wearing these, making cookies? Come on... Underneath, Id wear this stupid french-hen print silk blouse from J.Crew that Ive talked about before and which is, unfortunately, sold out--though, fortunately, now available on ebay for a (slightly) lower price. Or perhaps, more affordably, I could simply sport the matching french-hen iphone case for my brand new iphone 4, you guys. No, its not an ess. Get over it! 

And what about this adorable hen and chicks stamp set from Norajane? They would make the sweetest little notecards, for all your casual correspondence. So sweet! 

babypix by me; product images via here, here & here

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