Lavender Hot Chocolate

I know its the time of year to get excited about autumn and, with it, fall recipes... but its been hard for me this year. You see, we left for England before springtime really warmed up, and headed straight into the coldest and wettest (and darkest and longest) summer on british record. Now were back, and fall is falling/has pretty much already fallen, but I still find myself waiting for summer to happen, in my mind. Its sort of depressing to think about how I wont get any real warm weather until next spring... but thats how it is, guys, and we have to Live With It. So I really appreciate any little thing that might make me more excited about the season. Like this recipe for lavender hot chocolate, for example, from A La Mode. Lavender + Chocolate is a combination Ive been using for a long time in my baking (especially with blueberries--you should try it!) but I dont know why I never thought about drinking it. Ive never really been a pumpkin-spiced-latte kind of girl. This sounds so much more sophisticated, and delicious.

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