first of all, nerdalert

One of my favorite things about reading A Song of Ice and Fire are the sigils: a leaping blue swordfish on fretty silver on white, broze crossed keys on a white pale on purple, a white winged chalice on pink... Theyre so simple and graphic and symbolic and the kind of thing that I bet a million nerds (no offence?) have already turned into tattoos--as well as posters and teeshirts, obv. Now, though Im a big fan of the series, Im not about to start walking around wearing any of that gear that I just mentioned (#nerdalert, amirite?) But, I do love the idea of wearing a sigil, in general. In my mind, a moder/non-ridiculous way of doing this is sporting any large, symbol-based logo: an adidias flower, for example, or some Chanel C's, an I♥NY logo, mickey mouse... anything. Make your own. You get the idea. Riff on the boiled leather/wool/chainmail garb sported by westerosi knights by adding several layers of heavy/utilitarian fabrics to complete the look: studded leather jackets, bulky knits, anything shiny. A cape-coat wouldnt go amiss. You probably need boots, too. Its the perfect winter look!

collage by me created on polyvore

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