imlovinit: mirror lenses

Ive always liked the look of rainbow-y mirrored sunglasses. They make you look like some cool guy from the early nineties who rides a skateboard, wears neon umbros, and eats a lot of pizza. In a good way. And so so summery they are; perfect for cheering up the wintertime! I dont know why the idea of something being 'in'--and you can tell by all of these Cool Guy ladies, like Viviana Volpicella, Julia Sarr-Jamois, and Aurora Sansone (and eternal freakazoid Anna Dello Russo) that they are, definitely, 'in'--tends to put me off it. Because, really, if I like something I like it, it shouldnt really matter if other people like it too... I guess I just dont want people to think that I like something just because other people like it. You know what I mean? Of course you do. But, I dont, and besides, what do I care about what they think, anyway? (of course it helps that 'they' are, for the most part, Felix and Chase...) Regardless, it doesnt seem to bother me in this case. I want some! Do you? Here are some good ones. Theyre not especially affordable (for me anyway) but whatev!

top images via here, polyvore collage by me 

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