imlovinit: HEARTS!

 Did I tell you I recently got my ears re-peirced? It was corrective. And, it was very strang to sit at a Claire's Accessories, watching some gump lady botch the job (she really did, but I'm ok) because it was almost exactly like the first time I got my ears pierced, also at a Claire's, 17 years ago, where they botched that original job (hence the correction)... only this time I drove myself, and also, I had my own sweetbabychild with me, who spent the time unwittingly perusing One-Direction merchandise. It was a little surreal--the members of 1-D weren't even born yet when I had my ears pierced the first time, you guys! Anyway, then Chase gave me these most sweetest little baby earrings for my birthday:

Aren't they darling? I put them in and have yet to take them out. Because, I'm pretty sure they go with everything! Especially the sweatpants I wear to work everyday (more on that later). That's the thing about hearts. Depending on the context, they can be sweet, girly, preppy, or non-chalant. And so positive they are! Very summery in the form of lolita-esque heart shaped sunglasses, they've also got a bit of a back-to-school vibe for some reason--maybe they remind me of notebook doodling? Which makes them perfect for this time of year. And what's more, they're everywhere! For example, all over the Burberry a/w 2013 collection:

But alas, I find that hearts follow the same rules as stripes, in terms of wearability: the larger the heart, the more deliberate the print, and the less attractive I find it. The Burberry hearts are all a little... Betty-Boop to me, especially in burgundy and white. You can't have big hearts and a valentines day palette--it's too literal! For me, anyway. That trench is way more wearable, thanks to its neutral tones. Navy is another good way to go, as I find it hard for anything to look silly rendered in that particular, universally appropriate shade. And you have to be careful where you put them: for dresses and accessories, I like a ditzy, dappled application; for tops, I like one heart on its own, in place of a monogram, à la Comme Des Garçons, of course. They're just so sweet, here and there, as a patch or the tiniest jewel.

And, obviously, they're perfection with a stripe!

sort-of-clockwise from top left:

j.crew silk boy shirt; comme des garcons tee and cardigan; jcrew girl's gold locket; juju stud earrings; dorothy perkins beanie; lc lauren conrad skinnies; rochas heeled loafer; comme des garcons eau de toilette; asos jelly coin purse; alice+olivia pony hair clutch; mango dress; mela loves london sundress; alphabet bags washbag

runway images via style.com; collage by me on polyvore

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