If you're curious, the main reason I haven't been posting a lot is because I'm truly very busy! But I like having a different excuse, like company. Did you know? Over the labor day weekend (already a week ago!) my dearest only twin sister Becky came to stay with us! Earlier this summer, she hosted us briefly in her new city, St. Louis, so it was fun to return the favor. I love it when people come visit! Apart from being fascinated by the art of hosting, it's cool to show people around Pittsburgh, enjoying all the city has to offer with someone for whom it's brand new--like it still is for us! We thought, what with the lovely weather--and almost every restraunt in town closed for the holiday--what better way to spend labor day than a picnic in Point State Park, my favorite spot in town?

 The people were out, with their dogs, and balloons; wearing red white and blue, riding their bikes, and splashing around in the fountain... it felt like the Last Day of Summer! So bittersweet! 

But seriously, have you ever even been to Point State Park? Obviously, I highly recommend it--there's something for everyone! Sweeping lawns (not too big), shady gardens, grand hill-and-city- scapes... and of course, the fountain, with its panoramic view! I wonder if they keep it on in the winter?  Arriving as we did in January, increasing fairness of weather has corresponded to the more our family has settled here in pgh. So it will be interesting, watching the city transitioning into winter. There's nothing like coming full-circle, seasonally, to make a body feel like they really live someplace. 

We miss you already, bwod! Come back soon!

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