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Well, its fashion week again, you guys. Isn't it always? Anyway I've been casually browsing, just these last few days, mainly for research. What I've learned, in my quest to put my finger on exactly why a given 'look' does or does not appeal to me, is that I require a bit of scuff. It seems to be a general rule that if something is looking too polished or new, I don't like it at all. Summer time, of course, exacerbates this, so that these days I mostly like to look like  a house-painter: bleached out, frayed, and speckley. It's why I wear so much denim, and why I'm really in to several looks from Rachel Comey's spring ready-to-wear line (especially that one with the coat, cutoffs, and feathers--and are those duck jeans?!)

And all that navy! How perfect!

images via style.com

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