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I thought it was worth breaking my month-long blogger's silence to tell you guys that all of our dreams are coming true! Not only have I recently been accepted at Carnegie Mellon University, where I'll begin graduate school in the fall; just yesterday, we received a letter informing us that Felix has been admitted to the preschool program at the Montessori School right down the street! It's the news we've been waiting for--Friendship Montessori is the only public school in town that accepts three year olds, and competition is allegedly hot. But, they couldn't keep us down! Everything's coming up Wodzak!

Of course, I don't have any photos of us at our respective future institutions as of yet... so please enjoy these pix from our recent trip to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History! Because, that's pretty educational, right? It was our first time visiting, and I highly recommend it. We went mainly to see the Dino's (one of Felix's newest obsessions) but were pretty taken with the rest of the exhibits, too. Admittance isn't cheap (around $20 per person) but you get access to both the natural history and the art museums, so in the end it's pretty worth it. 

Felix was fairly entertained by the art museum, though he did take issue with some of the artwork we saw; according to him, "every good picture has a lady." He was far less critical at the Natural History Museum, naturally. He loved the giant dinosaur skeletons, which we'd heretofore only seen peeking through the window in the stacks at the neighboring Carnegie Public Library. And there were dinosaur models, blocks and puzzles... he even got to hold a cast of a T-Rex tooth! 

But I'm sure his favorite part was when they gave him a pair of goggles and let him use a chisel and a brush to 'dig' for dino bones.

Look at that concentration! He's so ready for school, and I know he will love it! So proud of my little one! It's funny, but the idea of us starting school together makes me a little less nervous--we can help each other out! I can't wait!

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  1. Congratulations all around! I'm so happy you got in. I was just at that museum, but we missed the art portion because I was tired of walking by then. I love Felix's ever-present yellow boots.