chinese chotchkies

Felix is napping right now for the first time in months, which is why I don't really even blog anymore, you guys. But I'm trying to Make It Work! I guess a lot has happened since we last spoke, dear reader. Of course there's the news of our impending academic enrollment, but also, our old friend Ivy has come to stay with us here in Pittsburgh! For a long time! We made her her own little tent in the basement, and she's quickly become one of the family. It's such a treat to have an adult person around to talk to (especially one so delightful) and we've been spending our evenings drinking beaujolais and doing lots of catching up. Did you know? She just got back from a year teaching English in China! So exotic. And you should see the trinkets she brought us! Clearly, China is the place to go for adorable stationary, like these cutest baby pens, 

and teeny-tiny toiletries, like this babiest tin of tiger balm which, I've just learned, is great for treating headaches--just rub a little behind your ears! I'm doing it right now!

and speaking of ears, these are the best of all! 

Ear sticks! Stick studs? The jury and internet are still out on what you call these dingys (and I can't explain why this pic makes my ears look so purple)... but, I love them! So minimalist punk, no? You see, I have this mysterious problem where I'm always losing the backs of my earrings even while I'm wearing them--no longer an issue! You simply stick in the stick and off you go! Hypoallergenic (unless you're allergic to plastic?) and surprisingly comfortable, even with headphones on. These are just your regular every day black plastic, and must be ridiculously cheap to make, but I've been dreaming of a pair made of pure gold. Can you even imagine? But good luck finding any on the internet, plastic or no. I do hope I don't lose them!!!

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