OR-you-CHID-ing me?

I know you guys probably think that I only talk about Felix these days, but despite all evidence to the contrary, I care about other stuff, too! Like, I don't know, fashion!? Honestly? I was largely unimpressed with most of what I saw last fashion week(s), whichever season they were (see? I don't even remember). But maybe that's because I wasn't paying any attention to the land down under, as they call it. Case in point: how amazing do these ladies look, all dressed up in Toni Maticevski's spring/summer 2014 collection, recently shown at Melbourne Fashion Week?

So fresh! So disturbing! Even a little distracting--the flowers are all I really remember from the collection, which otherwise failed to speak to me despite its being technically rather impressive. It could be that I'm just hard to please--maybeit'sjustmebutforme, not even Rachel Comey is getting it right these days! Regardless, this here is working for me. I haven't been so impressed by a runway accessory since those Balenciaga halos last spring (remember?) He did the same trick with butterflies in 2012

but I much prefer the blooms, don't you? 

Incidentally, if you happen to like things like orchids and butterflies, and you live in Pittsburgh, you should really check out Phipps Conservatory, our local botanical gardens! I recently became a member and I'm so glad I did, as it's probably the most beautiful place in town. I might even try to make it to one of the Tropical Parties coming up this May--hopefully, sporting a head full of orchids! 

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