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Still (still!) in the throes of growing out my bangs, Ive been wearing a headband fairly often of late. Its a little, ribbon-wrapped, blair-waldorf-y number with some tiny bright pink flowers on one side, and Ive been pretty in to its jaunty combination of form and function. But, lately, Im considering wearing it backwards, or throwing it away entirely; despite its actually serving a purpose on my head, its utilitarian cuteness cant compare to the unnecessary brilliance of these Balenciaga halos.

Aesthetic references abound; theyre so medieval and mythological and magical, and remind me of so many things! Firstly, of this exhibit I saw at the British Museum of gold and silver jewelry, trinkets and accessories, dating back to ancient egyptian times. Especially the one with the little branches.

Also of the childlike empress in film version of The Never Ending Story, though the association is somewhat looser; Pretty much anything vaguely diadem-y reminds me of her. Did you ever wear a necklace on your head to ape this look as a child? I know my sisters and I did. She was the thing!

Plus the Auryn would be so in this year...

And of course, most obviously, these headbands conjure up medieval images of angels and saints with their gold-leaf halos, which I think is what Nicolas Ghesquière was going for, anyway. I like how they look good on a range of hair colors, alternately blending and contrasting with different shades. Gold really does go with everything! I wonder how much they cost. And, how well they stay in place. Do you think theyre heavy? They look like they might be pretty heavy, but I have no idea what it would feel like, or really what theyre made of (though in my mind, its sold gold)--I dont think Ive ever carried weight, so specifically concentrated, on that part of my person. But I guess I could just wear my blairwaldorf backwards, to see what its like!

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