greens vs blue, and my number one decorating tip

Because we like our apartment so much, and because its so conveniently located, I think we will be here for at least another rental year. In which case, I dont consider it a waste of time or money to invest in painting our now palest, misty blue dining room, whose off-grey walls and off-brown carpet are currently swirling together in a sea of neutral boredom. Inspired by the lack of light it typically receives, and by the West Elm catalogue I recently received, Ive decided the only way to go is to embrace the darkness and created a cozy, cave-like atmosphere--if nothing else because it will make our white table make sense. My first thought, of course, was that navy would be the perfect thing because, I love navy, and it always looks so smart. But I couldnt really decide. Then I had a realization: if youre unsure what color to paint a room, pick the one that looks the best on you, clothing-wise. That way youll always look good at dinner. Its so obvious! Based on my autumnal complexion, and as per my new-years resolution, it seems the best choice would be a deep, warm shade of green. But I have to be careful: too olive, and it will look irrevocably seventies, especially when paired with this most ridiculous lamp-shade:

See? But its almost like I have to choose green, because of the lamp. Although I suppose we could replace it... but that truly seems more trouble than its worth, and anyway I suspect Chase secretly likes it. Hes unwittingly drawn to that seventies, earthen color palette. Why, Ill never know. No, the green must be stately, or it will be a complete disaster. Something like this:

I dont own anything nearly as opulent (or purple) but you get the idea. Aesthetically, it all makes perfect sense--for the house, for me, everything. So why am I still so drawn to the idea of it being navy, to the point that any other color feels like a mistake? Why does blue, like the sky and the ocean, always seem so timeless, while green--forrest, mint, or avocado--so quickly seems dated? Maybe thats exactly the reason: blues, representing the serenely eternal, exist outside the passage of time, while greens evoke both the vibrancy and the mortality of plant life. I really think thats what it is! 

So you can understand my dilemma here, you guys. Tell me what to do, because Im famous for never being able to commit to a decision. Its a problem!

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