Soupy Twist!

Im so excited today, because tonight, Brittany, muh colleague and one of my very favorites of all time, is coming from New York to stay with us for cumulatively, almost two whole days! And shes just in time! A friendly friend visit is exactly what I need at this moment in life. Its the first time well be hosting a non-family visitor, and I hope I know how to show her around properly! I know for sure we will be eating yummy Vietnamese food, and touring the strip district. And I think theres even a trip to the Andy Warhol Museum in the works (except I wont be able to go because I work into the late afternoon on sunday and of course, its closed the day after). But whatever! I might even break one of my (secular) lenten promises and allow myself drink some coffee, in order both to celebrate and to maximize my hang-out time--I go to bed quite early for a twenty-something, these days. 

Im so excited! Because, shes only the best!


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