the best light luggage

Now, I havent picked up any tricky tips from him yet, but our friend ben, too, is many things, and one of the things he is for sure is stylish. That boys got good taste, and he knows what he likes. I have been so coveting his carry-on travel bag, from Herschel Supply Company--apparently, its the bag to have these days. Or, the luggage to have. Or, whatever. You know what? Its a really nice bag! So sturdy, and exactly the perfect size for a week-long trip. The Strand, I believe its called, and I love it in the bright yellow shade Ben has--despite my natural inclinations, I think luggage is one of things where its better not to go with the dark, neutral tones one tends to favor. Brightly colored bags are easier to see and harder to mix up or forget. Of course, a print does the trick nicely, too; I dont play tennis, but I do so love their invitational collection. Isnt it the preppiest, cutest thing for spring? Though I think Id prefer it in a navy... 

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