Funny (and boring) how the faded, hazy palette seen here, which until fairly recently would have seemed sort of seventies or polaroid-y, now just makes me think of instagram. You know what I mean? But I would give anything for sunny, app-induced haze over the solidly grey skies that are apparently never breaking. Weather is The Worst. Can you even imagine standing, anywhere, in shorts, on the grass, and feeling comfortable? Its hard for me, but I want it so badly. More than the sporty, summery clothing, what I like about this editorial, photographed by Toshinao Kumakura for Nylon Mexico, is the leafy, grassy park setting. Its exactly where I want to be. Plus I like those shades. And that sunhat. I just dont know when I would ever need either ever again! On a sort-of related note, despite the fact that this story is inspired, obviously, by Sofia Coppolas 2010 film, Somewhere, this is exactly the sort of lazy, late-summer-afternoon atmosphere that comes to mind when I listen to Todd Rundgrens Something/Anything? which is the first thing that came to mind when I read the title (Ive yet to see the film, you see) And, Oh! What a nostalgic album that is for me!

Oh, summertime! 

images via FGR

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