in like a lion

Maybe you have a similar experience, or maybe you dont, but for me, every month has A Color. Im sure it all goes back to elementary-school days, making hand-illustrated calendars out of construction paper. January is a pale, icy blue; Feburary is valentine pink, of course; and March, most obviously, is Green. April is daffodil yellow, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. And I was right--now that February is finally over, Im so so ready for a new color! If, as is likely, you dont share my years resolution, or if pantone hasnt already convinced you, I know of no better argument for Wearing Green than this beautiful bell-like emerald (forest?) gown, from the Chadwick Bell fall ready-to-wear collection:

I have no idea why he didnt end the show with this one, as I find it utterly breathtaking. It was actually second to last, right before a relatively unremarkable coat in the same fabric. What was he thinking?

I dont know why I didnt think of it but this is the perfect time to share my march resolutions

Re-assess & address my student-loan-based finances (ugh)
Incorporate more greenery in our home
Fix my bike up!

image via style.com

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