living the dream in 2013

Happy New Year you guys! We are finishing up a lovely vacay in Columbia, MO, my own home town. Growing up here was nice but visiting is better; its the perfect excuse to have all your meals at your favorite restaurants! So far weve been to the bakery, el rancho, cafe berlin, sycamore, booches, and the wine cellar, and have big plans for a gumbys pizza tonight! Pretty decadent. And expensive... but so worth it! And its so nice to show felix where we used to live, and introduce him to all our very best friends! What fun! Hes having a great time, and has picked up some cool new gear

Speaking of shopping, and in the spirit of the season, and in order to commit more formally to them, let me share with you my newyears resolutions. In 2013 I will:

live the 90s
wear more green 
always be knitting something
use fewer semicolons

what about you?

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