cosmic winter


Hi everyone! Remember me? We are living in Pittsburgh now and are getting closer to settling in all the time. As you know, we didnt have the internet for the first few weeks we were here, and it was a little unsettling to discover how important the internet has become in our daily routine. But we got through it, and it was even great! Thanks, mostly, to watching movies rented at the excellent, friendly, and accessible Carnegie Public Library. What else can you really do in this longest part of the year? Stay cozy, of course!

On that note, Id like to take this opportunity to recommend to you one of my favorite book/movie combos with which to while away the rest of the short grey days and long winter nights. Because sometimes you feel like reading, and sometimes you feel like watching, and you definitely dont feel like going outside... but its nice for the things you read and watch to share in a similar vibe. You know? In that regard, these two works--Cosmos, my favorite documentary series created by the sexy, lovable Carl Sagan (what a pear-shaped dream boat, am I right ladies?) and Cosmicomics, my all-time favorite book, which is actually a collection of theoretical short stories by my soulmate, Italio Calvino (who also writes about living in treesimaginary cities, and uses the tarot to structure his plot lines, if youre interested in that sort of thing)--were made for each other. They even sound alike, in case you didnt notice. I wonder if Carl ever read anything by Italio? Or if Italio ever read anything by Carl? 

but if you havent already enjoyed these, I really think you should!

wild west, woodcut by m.c. escher

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