January Rooms

 Although its not as jolly as having a christmas tree and santa clauses and pinecone arrangements, and its sort of sad, I do love a clean, clean january living room: the carpets been vacuumed to get rid of the last pine needles and so much crazy unnecessary paper that was lying around has been thrown away, and everything thats been rearranged to accommodate the christmas tree has been replaced. The fridge its finally empty of leftovers. Everything. What a thrill! And I can only imagine that the effect is amplified, and probably only fully appreciated in a white room, like one of these.

To think that Im only a few cans of white paint, a sheepsking rug, and some muslin (and some houseplants (and some better furniture)) away from capturing the essence of the these light, scandinavian-y interiors in my own new interior, where we will start living in only a weeks time! We already have a white dining set! And a fire place! And Im about to start knitting one million oatmealy throw pillows, like these:

Im so excited!

images via here, herehere & here

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