whites, winter and tropical

White is the perfect color for the winter. But its also an even more perfect color for summer... truly, a shade for all seasons. As you know, I missed out on the summer this last year and its all I can think about. This editorial, from Vogue all the way back in 1990, captures sort of the same sort of warm, summery vibe as this other story, but in a breezier, more exotic, and monochromatic way. Can you even imagine it being warm enough to wear any of this? And isnt it nice how, all in white, these clothes still look (for the most part) relevant, twenty three years on? Its color and pattern that date you; white is timeless and heres the proof. 

So far Im still having trouble not using semicolons. Tell me if its bothering you! 

images by Hans Feurer via here

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