please dont forget me!

All right you guys, were in Pittsburgh. The Burgh. Old PB  (those are just special nicknames pittsburgh residents use, youve probably never heard of them...) Its fun! Chase already has a job, and I have an interview, and were living the life and the dream and all our wishes are coming true! Except for the one about the internet, because we still dont have it! Im writing in the kids section of the Carnegie Library right now, which is relaxing... but it wont last for long, and you have to pay to park here, and blah blah. Anyway, what Im trying to say is, soon we will Get the Net and Ill be back to normal and will blog about everything and things will be great! 

So just dont forget about me in the meantime! 


(ps this is a pic I took of felix right after he woke up from the nap that he took wearing his super cool 3D glasses yesterday. What a dork!)

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