I like the nightlife

As you know, I love a city skyline at night, when everythings all lit up and sparkly. It looks so modern and romantic, and also futuristic, sort of like the inside of a PC tower. You know? But we were driving around ol Pittsburgh yesterday, having moved a load of boxes in to our very own apartment, and I think that an even better way to see all those glass buildings downtown is at sunset, reflecting all the dusky amber light. That ethereal combination of glowy greeny-blue, silver grey, and bright yellow gold, so specific to that time of day, is one of the most beautiful to me, and for some reason looks especially mesmerizing when portioned off into row after liquid row of glossy glass tile. This series of photographs by Carsten Witte, NYC Fractal, captures exactly what Im talking about: 

So very Mondrian. It isnt Pittsburgh, but Ill let it slide--He didnt know. 

images via here here & here 

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