a trip down not-so-distant fashion memory lane

Speaking of those shoes, lets talk a little more about that entire Miu Miu collection, now a year and a half old. How time flies! Do you remember it? Here are some highlights, to refresh your memory:

Its all so soft and velvety and sweet and flirty. And I love the casting--Fei Fei Sun, Mariacarla Boscono, Kasia Struss, Hanne Gaby Oidele... with Hailee Steinfeld in the front row! That ad campaign she did really was so sweet. Here are some more examples:

I guess this was a little after True Grit came out, and I like how the pictures of her on the railroad tracks and the faded 70s color palette throughout sort of echo a western theme. Those glitter pumps truly are amazing, and I dont really see how they could ever go out of style; glitter is always relevant! But award for my favorite accessory of the collection actually goes to something else. Did you ever notice or have you ever seen one of those giant kiss-claps clutches? (what a mouthful!) Heres one in a relatively more casual setting, in the picture that made me fall in love with it:

So perfect with that preppy pink sweater! So ladylike and cuddly all at the same time. Itd be like having a big velvet cat to carry around all day... especially if it was full of diapers and a change of baby clothes and a stuffed elephant and other soft, cuddly contents. Of course, a clutch isnt the most practical choice for a diaper bag. But it is probably the chicest?  

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