diamonds in the sky

Nineties Nighttime looks so sparkly on television. Anything Vanna White ever wore is the perfect example. Theres something about a glitzy cocktail dress that is just so nineties to me. You know? So glamorous and sexy. Obviously, people are still wearing glitter for late-night and special occasions--I saw plenty of it on New Years Eve. But I guess Id rather be surrounded by glitter than actually wear it. For example, Im watching a lot of Frasier right now. We all are! And looking at Frasier Cranes fabulous, classy apartment with its collection of tiny and specific cocktail glasses for every kind of drink and its breakthtaking view of Fictional Seattle, Ive become enamored of a sparkly 90s television skyline. What an amazing thing to be surrounded by, always. Its making me excited for moving to Pittsburgh, today! Where we will gaze upon our very own skyline... from afar, I assure you. But I will wear sparkle as an accessory. Like, in a dream world, these amazing glitter heels from the Miu Miu fall 2011 collection, as modeled here by the charming Hailee Steinfeld. Remember?

Sigh. Or, in real life, this most fabulous diamond* tennis bracelet, also so 90s, given to me by my friend Ivy for Christmas. Did you know? Shes leaving for China on valentines day, for a whole year. How romantic!

I feel like a ballerina upinhere! For some reason I cant seem to wear just one bracelet at a time. A solitary bracelet seems too fancy, or something. Or, I dont know. But look at my other bracelet, because when I first got it I thought it was a hair tie and I think it still is one but also isnt it a pretty bracelet? Is it silly I never knew about ribbon hair ties until now? And dont they go well together?  How useful! 

screen shots of Frasier from Season 3, Episode 3: Martin Does It His Way (one of the best, fyi); Hailee Steinfeld by Bruce Weber for Miu Miu A/W 2011, via here; wrist portrait by me! *it really is made of diamonds!

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