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Speaking of my favorite models and casting them. So far I havent really dont much this New Year (aside from move to Pittsburgh, of course)--Ive been sick, felix has been sick, Chase has been sick, and weve watched a lot of daytime television while snacking on teddy biscuits. But, during the 9-hour-drive back to Ohio after our trip to Columbia, I did do something, sort of. Which is that I realized, if you get my top five favorite models of the moment all together, they match up perfectly, girl-for-girl, with the five inner-planetary sailor scouts! Its true! Let me show you what I mean...

For Sailor Moon you need a spunky, girl-next-door type who can also be dramatic and tough. Cara Delevingne has exactly the perfect anime eyebrows and range of emotion to pull it off 

the blondest, most enigmatic, and definitely the coolest, Hanne Gaby Oidele is Sailor Venus

seemingly quiet, serious, and short haired, Freja Beha Erichsen as Sailor Mercury the only one Im not one-hundered-percent sold on... (though she does look good in glasses); let me know if you have any better ideas, of course...

But Jacquelyn Jablonski as Sailor Mars is absolutely perfect: dark, serious, and mystical

And obviously, Karlie Kloss is Sailor Jupiter: so tall and friendly and sporty and scrappy... and she looks great in a ponytail!

So how do you like that! Obviously, youd only see what I meant if youve watched the show and care about it, which  probably doesnt describe very many of you. But if you are familiar, maybe youll agree with me? If only we could convince them all to do a live-action production. And, if only they could all act. And, wanted to. What are the chances?

Im sorry if you hate me now and think Im a big dork! Please dont!

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