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 As I form a clearer image of how my dream home will look, I think more and more about decorating the nursery Felix never had. But he will have his own room in Pittsburgh, and even though were only renting for now, I can still think of all kinds of things Id do to his little baby space. First off, Im pretty sure he needs a set of these crab sheets, from Serena & Lily:

They would go so so perfectly with the blanket Im knitting him right now! Felix is a Cancer, you see... and he was also born in the year of the Rabbit, which is why this playsam rocking rabbit is not only adorable, but the perfect thing:

Animals are a sweet and obvious choice of motif for childrens rooms but I like the idea of letting their astrology dictate the theme, as its unique, and more personal; no one would ever pair a crab and a rabbit if not for astrological pretense. But even if you dont believe in the zodiac, its a great source of symbolic and decorative inspiration. Take this dreamy ralph lauren wallpaper: 

 Actually this wallpaper would look good in pretty much anywhere I can imagine, but especially in a kids room; stars are so magical, and each constellation has a story to tell. I love a celestial theme because not only is it astrological, its also sort of nautical... what with sailors navigating by starlight and all. And, lucky me, crabs are nautical, too! Just throw in a striped duvet and Felix is set. Now I realize not every zodiac sign is an animal. But plenty of them are! How sweet would a little baby Aries' room look all filled with little fleecy lambs? Or one of these amazing rocking sheep?!

At the very least, its the perfect excuse to buy a sheepskin rug, which theyd have forever and ever! (Have I mentioned how badly I want a sheepskin rug?) Lions are also good for babys rooms, and a readily-available motif on the baby decor market--as are cows, which one could easily substitute for a Taurean bull. Fish are also easy to find; how about this sweetest bedding for your little baby Pisces

But if their sign isnt nursery-menagerie-friendly (Scorpio, Aquarius, Virgo, you get the idea) you can still play to an astrological theme... with cute, over-priced throw pillows! Both Serena & Lily and Jonathan Adler make good ones, but these pillow covers from Domayne are waaaaay cheaper and just as cute: 

 Its is unfortunate that most of these things Ive been talking about cost so much money! But really the whole point of this is inspiration. Its feeling like a DIY 2013, you know what I mean? Though there are some things you just cant make yourself. For the ultimate in astrological keepsakes, look (if you can find them) to these amazing vintage Wedgewood Jasperware Zodiac Compotiers, shown here in Scorpio:

I didnt even know these were a thing until about five minutes ago! Can you imagine anything more magical? Or that more perfectly combines my love of the zodiac with my love of fine china? Neither can I!

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