oh, my brain

I had a really fun time last night at a party with a bunch of fairly new friends who, probably because of how long theyve known my husband, already feel like old friends. Please excuse my saying this, and try not to be shocked, but a beer-filled friend christmas followed by a pub crawl in downtown Granville (where, embarrassingly, there are about four places that could possibly qualify as a pub) have left my brain feeling a little fuzzy this early felix-filled morning. And its so snowy and cold outside, and theres nothing to eat here but coffee and frozen waffles (I know, it could be worse) and I just want to be someplace else right now. Like, Venice through the eyes of Mario Testino, for example. This is an old editorial--seven and a half years old, to be exact--and one of the best! It seems that all my favorite photo stories star Natalia Vodianova. Can you imagine anything or anyone more perfect? Maybe one day Ill have three dark-haired, straw-hat-wearing be-striped boys of my very own. Oh, summertime!

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