simply splendid!

Just this morning, my friend and former Sparkys colleague David was kind enough to take Felix and me on a personal tour of the Jenis Ice Cream factory in Columbus! Having worked in the ice cream business, it was really cool to see the scale of production at Jenis, which far surpasses that of the charmingly low-scale set up at our beloved Sparkys. I also didnt realize that they ship all over the world, but I understand the demand; its some of the best ice cream Ive ever had, ever! The salty caramel is my--and apparently everyone elses--fav, but the goat cheese and red cherries is a close second. Everyone we met today was so friendly and sweet (and happy to see Felix), and it was such a splendid way to spend the morning. The Jenis Ice Cream cookbook has just shot right to the top of my Christmas list (that, and an ice cream maker...) but for now, I think Im set; just take a look at our freezer! 

Thanks again, dave!

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