for the country boy

Maybe he needs a bag, but just doesnt realize it. Or maybe the one he already has looks stupid. Either way, this $65 Snap Backpack from Everlane is made from durable canvas, brass and leather; has a waterproof nylon lining; features a padded laptop sleeve; and comes in four timeless, manly shades. He'll be wearing it for years to come!

These seasonal produce posters by Chasing Delicious--from $18 each for fruit, vegetable, or herb, or from $48 for a set of three--are the kind of calendar a boy will actually use, double as cool wall art, and wont expire at the end of the year. 

This no-nonsense cardboard radio by Suck UK includes an audio cord for his iphone/ipod/ipad, and is light, portable, and environmentally friendly. From $22.50 on amazon. 

At $4 a box, these tree identification matches would make a great stocking stuffer--buy a set of six for $17 and give one to every boy on your list!

Fact: boys look good in denim shirts. And they like them, too! Pleasantly lacking the ubiquitous faux-fading and wacky western embellishments common in other examples, this one from the asos collection, is only $32.54--and you get free shipping! Both ways! In case he doesnt like it (but he will!) 

Fact number two: boys really do love a good sock! This $35 four-pack of boot socks, by Danish brand Jack&Jones, are jolly and suitably gift-worthy. And he really will use them!

This $18 tea towel, printed with a vintage mushroom-identification guide, is the kind of thing a boy would never buy himself--which probably means, he really (really) needs one. The Fishermans Dream and Smoked Mackerel versions are also good choices. 

Think how good this Summer Pine soap will make him smell. Sustainably manufactured by Juniper Ridge for $12 a bar, its the gift that keeps on giving! 

Or give the gift of cozy with this jersey-covered hot water bottle. $35.90 from the Zara Home store.  

If you want to make him truly cozy, and give him something he'll have forever, this 100% hand-stitched  Great Lakes quilt is the thing. Just look at it! For $219 from Haptic Lab, it's an instant future heirloom (their city quilts are great, too!)

tomorrow: gifts for the sweetie

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