well, its ruined.

So maybe you will think this is the dumbest thing ever, but I was reading this article in the October issue of Vogue--which, hot-tip-alert, I bought out of date for 70% off the suggested retail price at my local dollar general--and it sort of blew my mind. No, thats a huge overstatement. But it did make me relax. Because it was all about this new trend, if thats the right word, of women machine washing their dry-clean-only garments. Its a laundry revolution! You see, I have this most gorgeous, dry-clean-only tunic that I bought at a Zara in Budapest a few years ago:

I dont know why I always mention that it came from Budapest when really, Zara is Zara... I guess it just makes it sound more exotic? Im a loser. Anyway, the following winter this big stupid lovely cat named Maggot Brains came to stay at our house for a little while and peed all over it. Right on the middle of the front of it; that cat has remarkable aim. I had it dry cleaned, but theres still this dingy stain right in the middle of it, that you maybe dont notice until I make the mistake of mentioning it. Ive been so scared of washing it properly, even though Ive always had this feeling that I could do better than those dry cleaners, who didnt really seem to know what they were doing. 
This guy knows what Im talking about. 

So the article gave me heart because, if some lady is willing to wash her thousand dollar black Chanel boucle jacket, I should have no qualms about washing some rayon shirt dress that cost me 30 euros at Zara four years ago. Right? So, Im going to try it! Ill let you know how it goes. Im also going to wash the cashmere sweater I got for christmas last year that has never been washed. For a whole year! Dont be grossed out!

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