gimme that!

In order to re-affirm whatever faith you may have had in my taste in anything, let me share with you some of my favorite new spring fashion. I dont particularly care for the pimped-out platform sneaker/stiletto hybrid, I could do without the camo, and the taxi-cab-yellow, while jolly, is a touch too literal for my taste. Nevertheless, Im a big fan of this new-york-inspired DKNY spring ready-to-wear collection; the relative tackiness of the aforementioned is largely abated by breezy white separates, slouchy suiting, and, most of all, perfectly faded, cornflower-blue denim. And luckily, apparently, tying things around your waist is in again. So 90s! (And, arguably for the first time, so are bermudas. Questionable.)

images via style.com

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