just window-shopping my dream kitchen

 One thing about city life to which Im looking forward is the possible presence of those bougie, up-scale (over-priced?) home-goods stores. Like The Foundry Home Goods, located in downtown Minneapolis, which has the kind of beautiful, hand-crafted wares I would love to own and could window shop for all day. But the nicest thing about buying lovely wooden and glass kitchen tools and storage containers is that it encourages what they call a 'non-disposable lifestyle,' as using them is inherently more sustainable than continually stocking your kitchen with junky plastic that needs to be replaced more frequently, and looks cheap. Which could possibly justify the price of said wares. Now I dont know much about Pittsburgh yet, but if you can find stores like this in Minneapolis--somewhere similarly blue-collar--then Im sure Ill have some luck. Because the whole point of sustainable shopping is that you tend not to be able to do it on the internet. 

Look at those wooden measuring spoons! And I bet they have the most beautiful cutting boards, too. It seems like they would.
Oh, shopping!

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