for the city boy

A classic, sophisticated and practical gift that he will use every day. Giving him a monogrammed money clip is along the lines of giving him a watch--but for around $15, way more affordable (though you can spend more, if you want to). Find this one, and more, on etsy of course!

These touch-screen gloves could be the perfect boy gift: theyre cozy, but suitably manly, and most importantly, the interwoven silver threads will allow him to use that iphone that he loves oh so very much, no matter where he is, all winter long! So thoughtful! Get him a pair on amazon for $18, and whenever he finds himself tweeting comfortably in the snow, he'll think of you..  

And while we're on the subject of That iPhone Of His, check out this neato $20 glow-in-the-dark iphone case. It makes so much sense, and it looks so cool! (Im way into glow-in-the-dark stuff right now...)

Gift him this portable back-up iphone battery ($39.50 at J.Crew, in stripes or lightning bolt) and his precious phone will never die again. Because he really does love that stupid fucking phone. 

But if hes one of those old-school and/or artsy types who still prefers pen and paper, check out this cool triangle notebook, by Tan Mavitan, for $17.50. Hell be the coolest boy at the coffee shop!

Also geared more towards the paper-user, and also from the MoMA collection, this $25 to-do list calendar, designed by Ryan McGuiness, has a simply-illustrated page of graph paper, perfectly suited for list-making, for every day of the year. 

This $35 Everlane bowtie also comes in polka dot, a super-sweet cherry blossom print, and an adorable blue Liberty floral... but if you actually want him to wear it, this blue flannel number is your safest bet. 

Boys hate martini glasses because they look like they should have cosmopolitans in them, and they certainly wont use them at home. These plain and simple rocks glasses are just what he wants to drink his whiskey from, and for just under $7 each from the spiffy new Zara Home store, you can afford to get him a pair, at least. 

And while youre at it, a jar of these original Luxardo Maraschino cherries will seriously up his Manhattan game. Just under $17, and so so worth it. Trust me!

But if you really want to knock his socks off, go for one of these surprisingly affordable ($19-$39) glass bottles from West Elm. You can have the stylish wooden ball stoppers monogrammed (or engraved with an anchor, snowflake, lightning bolt, heart, or skull) for an extra $7. Just the thing for that home bar you know he wishes he had.

tomorrow: gifts for the country boy

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