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Finding out the Pantone Color of The Year is like finding out which animal in the Chinese Zodiac the year belongs to. Actualy, to me, its a little more exciting. I love how they forecast a color instead of reviewing the year and deciding which one most embodied it. So prophetic. Last year, if you remember, it was Tangerine Tango--and sure enough, orange was huge in 2012... or, as huge as a color can really be. Anyway, this year theyve chosen the complete opposite of a fiery reddish-orange: Emerald Green. One of my favorites, you guys! Seriously! Green is the coolest color, I believe, and this rich, jungle-y, mermaid-y, blue-tinted Emerald is so beautiful and compelling. I hope this bodes well for our 2013!

plus, I like how it rhymes. 

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