heaven SCENT (get it!?)

The scent of fresh soil, deep forests and campfires. Thats exactly the most perfect fragrance description I can imagine, and belongs to Gypsy Water eau de perfum, by Byredo, the chicest and most compelling perfume house of which I am aware. Usage of the term Gypsy as a means of branding a product is something Ive studied academically and which always sort of irks me... although here they do state that the parfum glamorizes the mythic Romani lifestyle... and you cant really blame them for the sentiment, as Gypsies are some of the most romantic and intriguing people, literarily speaking. The combination of pepper and juniper berries, incense and pine needles, amber and sandalwood, all housed in this simple, sophisticated, chanel-but-not-chanel bottle is all you could hope for in a fragrance. 

If it sounds a little too earthy for you, dont worry, because their every single creation sounds so deliciously sophisticated and understated and perfect. Take Seven Veils, for example; a mix of carrot, pimento berries, vanilla flower and sandalwood. Doesnt that sound divine? I tend to hate it when people say divine and Im not trying to sound dramatic or ridiculous, I just truly cant think of a better word. Or how about Oud Immortel: lemoncello, cardamom, papyrus, tobacco leaves, and moss. How amazing! Now, no endorsement of mine is complete without a price tag, and unfortunately, these babies will set you back a pretty penny ($145 for 50ml, actually). And what a bummer it is too, because I cant stop thinking about a single one of them, but probably will never own a single one of them, either!

Sidenote: what a babe is Ben Gorham, the founding perfumer??

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