for the child

This 20Q ball is awesome! You think of anything in the world, and it tries to guess what it is in twenty questions. Remarkably, spookily accurate... a friend of mine had one once and it was so fun! For around $20 on amazon (theres also a Harry Potter edition, if youre into that kind of thing...) 

Kids love stamps because stamps are fun! And the coolest, cutest (handmade!) rubber stamps are to be found at etsy shop Memi The Rainbow. Ive had my eye on this seven-piece Ice Cream Changing Faces set for months now. The cupcake, cloud, and galactic sets are good choices, too! $25 or less a set.

The collection of kids literary T-shirts at Out of Print is full of classics. And for every shirt purchased, Out of Print will donate one book to a community in need, and support childrens literacy initiatives in America. Choose their favorite book, or yours, $22 each.  

Speaking of classics... how much chicer will her dollhouse look when filled with these miniature mid-century designer chairs? For the girl with great taste who has everything. $54 per set at Poketo

Simply provide the complete address upon which you would like your map to be based, and BoardStiff will create for you an easy-to-clean vinyl street map mat of your very own neighborhood (presumably using the magic of googlemaps?) From $28.50. What a good idea!

A friend of ours gifted Felix these good citizenship flashcards, and I love them! Theyre all about teaching an encouraging children to be polite, friendly, and responsible, for themselves and their communities. The story-book style illustrations are really sweet, too. For $11.95, its a gift for the child, and the parents, too!

If youve never heard of him, Blexbolex is a seriously cool french illustrator, and author of several seriously cool quasi-childrens books. His latest, People, is a simply-illustrated and highly conceptual word book like no other--though, due to some of its darker imagery, its somewhat controversial; the wildly popular Seasons is a tamer alternative. Get them for around $13 on amazon. 

How perfectly precious is this little Mouse in a Box!? Standing a mere four inches high, each comes in their very own vintage-looking matchboxes, complete with bedding. Their adorable little clothes are removable, too, and have a little hole for the tail! So sweet. Choose from brother or sister, $26.75 each at Huset

If Id been a stronger swimmer, I would have been so jazzed to receive one of these Oceanika Merfins packages as a kid. Theyre not cheap, but for $189 you get a merfin, a dreamy fish-scale print bikini top and bottom, and a matching pair of waterproof leggings. In coral pink or aqua marine. All the way from Australia!

This inflatable, astronaut-view globe is three feet wide! How cool is that? $37 from Ultimate Globes

Happy Shopping, everyone! 

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