and, best stocking-stuffer ever?

 I read once that singing happy birthday in your head while you brush your teeth will ensure that youve done it long enough. But thats dumb, especially when you can listen to actual music instead. Ive sincerely wanted an electric toothbrush for years now, and Im not really sure how these babies evaded my radar as I was compiling my holiday gift guides the other week. Im talking of course about the Justin Beiber and Lady Gaga electric singing toothbrushes.Now, Im not such a fan of the beebs. Except when it comes to one particularly special song--in which case, Im possibly his biggest fan of all. Luckily, thats exactly the song you could start your morning and end your day with, should said toothbrush find its way into your stocking this christmas--alternating with the markedly less amazing but probably more toothbrush appropriate U Smile. Just dont get the wrong one or youll have to suffer through Somebody to Love on at least a daily basis. Ick. 

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