for the sweetie

When you buy a set of these Best Friends hats--made by Band of Outsiders, for the Neiman Marcus + Target holiday collaboration--you get a gift for you, and a gift for them! Because youre besties! Available at Neiman Marcus or Target, $29.99 for the set (why not wrap it in this besties paper, while youre at it?!)

These wishing bracelets are so sweet: made of semi-precious stones on little pieces of string, you tie them on and make a wish. When they fall off, your wish comes true! At $16, theyre a good secret santa gift, or for someone you love but cant afford to gift more extravagantly. 

And because nothing says I Love You like a heart, check out this sweet little leather make-up pouch, for $28 from American Apparel. It comes in a dozen different color combinations, so you can pick her favorite. (Alternatively/additionally, how about this coordinating leather heart key chain, which also comes in a zillion colors) 

This Hello There stationary set is cute--but thanks to the navy-and-coral color scheme, not too cute. But still, very cute. And the best way to ensure she actually writes you back... I really think people should  be sending more mail. $13 for five notecards and five envelopes at Sparrow Nest Script

How about this sweet little initial heart locket, $18 at Urban Outfitters. Go ahead and put a little pic of yourself inside before you give it to her, if you want!

This kiss-clasp Pochi-Mon purse, made from a unique suede-like silicon, is bigger than you probably think it is--at about eight inches square, its perfectly clutch sized. And in black, I think it looks really sweet and elegant, in an unusual way. But you can get it in other colors, too. $34 at P+G Designs.

Smiths rosebud salve is the best lipbalm in the whole world. You can use it as a cuticle cream, too! And the packaging is such a good mix of romantic and old-timey medicinal. This gift set includes three flavors--strawberry, original rose, and minted rose--and comes in an adorable gift tin, for $13.45.   

With their beautifully designed cover illustrations, and for only around $5 each, any one of the twenty volumes in the Penguin Great Food series would make a great gift. Or for $75-ish, you can give the entire collection

All of the mittens in Kate Spades Big Apple collection are good and gifty... and super expensive! But you can find a lot of them brand new on Ebay, for a seriously lower price. For example, this Air Quotes pair (my favorite) goes for as low as $25.99.

These vintage gold-plated wishbone earrings from the 70s are so sweet and teey-tiny--5mm x 4mm, to be exact--And I love them! Available in limited supply for $14, from diamentdesigns (they only had eight pairs when last I checked!)  

Finally, what could be sweeter than chocolate? Made by the expert, fourth-generation candy makers at Goumas Confections, no less. Visit their website for more options, or call the store  at 740-364-0365 to place an order. Based in Ohio, they ship world-wide, and offer complimentary gift wrap, too! (the english toffee and sea salt caramels are to die for--or try the chocolate-covered potato chips!)

tomorrow: gifts for the baby 


  1. I wish you were my secret santa!

    I need to talk to you guys soon about pictures for Goumas Confections! Shooting food is my favorite - and I think I could do wonders for the website. You could pay me in chocolate even!

    Also - Are those books cookbooks? Or something else?

    1. theyre a collection of literary works about food... some do have recipes but some are essays or memoirs, etc. If you follow the link I think you can find a complete list of the titles.

      Also, im sure you could transform the website... I was disappointed not to find a better picture of the candy boxes, even! I will pass this along to chases mom, im SURE she will be interested.