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 The nice thing about having a little boy to dress is you can focus all of your juvenile sartorial fixations on his wardrobe, instead of yours. Along with glow-in-the-dark stuff, another dorky, 5th-grade-boy-ish obsession of mine is stuff with bones and skeletons on it. Not skulls, mind you--thats a little played out for me, and a touch too literal besides. You know what I mean? But I do love a good halloweeny rib-cage t-shirt.  But as much as I like them, I think Felix can pull them off a little more effectively than my soon-to-be-thirty-year-old-self (though actually I wont be 30 for another two and a half years, which is practically forever, just so you know). For example, this little gem doesnt even come in my size:

Which, probably, is for the best. However, according to my newly established rule of accessories, anything goes. Especially when it comes to jewelry, to which bones are so perfectly suited; When isolated to a single skeletal element, bones shed some of their costume-y tackiness and become just another beautifully organic, abstract design element. Take, for example, this beautifully intricate, somewhat sinister spine bracelet:

So lord-of-bones it is, and so precious. And thats the nice thing about bones as a design element: theyre almost too old, too primal, to really be tacky, in their own right. Its just all in the way you use them. Like these wishbone studs, for example, which you may recognize from gift-guide-week-2012: 

Theyre too little and golden and sweet to look cheesy. When it comes to jewelry, when in doubt, the tinier the better, thats what I always say starting right now. And what about this most subtle golden ring that I saw on pinterest but which, despite my top-notch internet sleuthing skills, I cant seem to track down. Harumph. 

If you do happen to know where or what this is, tell me! I want it!

images via here, here, here & here

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