shell cottage

This is a little after the fact, but I forgot to tell you about this cool place we went, when we were in Scotland! Ok, so it was at the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens, so the coolness of this place is going to be relative... but in the Queen Mothers Memorial Garden, in the very back, near the glass houses, theres this summer house. It looks sweet and fairly unremarkable from the outside, as you can see, but the inside is amazing! 

All of the walls are covered in this incredible shell mosaic. And its hard to see in this imagine, but the ceiling is done all in pinecones. It was so precious and sweet and it must have taken simply ages to do, but wouldnt it be amazing to try in your own home? The wall in your shower would be the perfect place for it, or the backsplash in a kitchen--basically, wherever there were tiles, shells could be. How magical it would look, and sort of alice-in-wonderland-y, too, thought I cant figure out quite why. 

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